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Gold is hidden deep in the mountain and mud is in the way.

The restoration of gilded wood

Each object has its story. A fine observation makes it possible to detect the style and the strata of its possible modifications in order to intervene while respecting on the one hand the authenticity and on the other hand the techniques with which the object was designed.

Thus, at first, a delicate cleaning is carried out which does not damage the object and which makes it possible not to deteriorate its initial state.

Then comes the treatment, the consolidations, the repairs and the filling of the moldings with coarse white (Pâton composed of white Meudon and rabbit skin glue).

If the object is in carved wood, it is sometimes necessary to reconstitute the sculpture of the molding.

After having placed the plate, passed the dog and placed the gold, we create a patina that we choose according to the object in order to find harmony with the initial state of the object.

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The frames, the mirrors gilded in fine gold tempera, are covered with several layers of Meudon white mixed with rabbit skin glue that resemble plaster. In order to obtain a perfectly smooth surface, and in order to give the gold all its shine, care must be taken in all the stages: Degrease the surfaces, glue, prime with Meudon white, sand, soften, repair, apply the 'plate, pass the dog, swell, put the gold leaf, ramander, brown, check.

Gold is a noble metal. It does not oxidize and its appearance remains unchanged for decades or even centuries. We can play on the matt and the burnished to create contrasts.

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